Guest Spotlight Peter Semler – Money Market Reform

December 1, 2016

 Unfortunately, Money Market Reform does not pertain to improving rates. The SEC announced new money market rules in July 2014 which became effective October 14, 2016.  These[...]


August 26, 2016

New penalty guidelines for ERISA compliance violations will give Plan Sponsors plenty to consider this fall, and the October 15th deadline is quickly approaching.  Violations[...]

Fiduciary Responsibility

June 23, 2016

Fiduciary responsibility for a company’s retirement plan ultimately rests upon Plan Sponsors.  Although an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is required, the requirement does[...]

Cyber Attack: Is Your Plan Data Safe?

May 9, 2016

Cyber threats pose a growing threat to businesses across all industry sectors, as many rely heavily on the internet as a means to communicate, share sensitive information and[...]

5 Internal Control Procedures for a Smoother 401(k) Audit

April 8, 2016

401(k) plan audits can be a lengthy and grueling process.  Both the IRS and the U.S. Department of Labor hold plan sponsors to strict rules and regulations regarding the[...]

TIME IS MONEY: Preparation is Key in Reducing the Cost of your Audit

March 9, 2016

With your benefit plan's audit just around the corner, you should expect many questions to arise which pertain to specific details of your plan.  If you familiarize yourself with[...]