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March 6, 2020

Your company has reached that “sweet spot” you know your staffing volume has grown and a benefit audit is imminent. Maybe you’re wondering if the accounting firm you’re with has the ability to manage this huge and important task.  At Cassell Plan Audits we partner with accounting firms like the one you’ve been relying on to make that process smooth and thorough.


Benefit audits are our specialty, when you’ve reached the milestone of growth that requires this kind of expertise, let us partner with your trusted accounting firm.


The 401(k) audit dilemma


401(k) audits can feel like an albatross, burdening your important, everyday work. On top of being complicated and exhaustive, these audits can be rejected by the DOL, causing further frustration, delays and more work. Your core business needs your full attention and expertise. Don’t let 401(k) audits cut into your valuable time.


How we can help

The DOL loves us, how many audit firms can say that!? It is our job to stay on top of the constantly shifting landscape of regulations and expectations. To highlight our expertise, most large firms are audited annually. In the 6 years that Cassell has been operating we have only been audited once and passed with flying colors.


Our service relieves the pressure on your team of completing the precise and detailed auditing work your client’s retirement plans deserve and require. Because this task is highly specialized, we know how valuable it is to have it completed with competence. Employee benefit plan audits are all we do!


We know how to keep the DOL satisfied and out of your day to day operations. Cassell Plan Audits provide you with the peace of mind that your clients’ audits are done, and done correctly. It is our mission to solve your needs before the DOL becomes your problem.


Why Cassell Plan Audits


Because auditing is all we do, we target efficient solutions, and find issues and resolve them so that your clients remain compliant without having the anxiety of DOL scrutiny. Avoid the headache of multiple DOL reviews. When your clients know that you’ve been proactive with their sensitive and specialized needs their trust in you and your firm only deepens.


Partnering with our service is an excellent solution for your 401k audits. Allow us to help you keep your focus where it needs to be; on the excellent work you deliver to your clients. Let our service free you up to do your best work. When professionals collaborate, everyone wins. Reach out today. Contact us at 630.886.7669.

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